The Story

From the opening of the film, on a school bus, Marc 15, a bullied teen, attempts suicide. Unsuccessful, Marc finds himself sick and lost on the downtown streets of a large city. By chance he meets Michael, 16, a street kid and hitting it off, they become friends and fall in love.

Events and circumstances find them as runaway fugitives struggling to find a new world order in the forested wildness outside the city. Outside of their ordinary worlds, they search for and find themselves.

While tragically Michael dies from an accident, bleeding to death in Marc's arms, it is through Michael's death that Marc finds the meaning of life and chooses it over death emerging from the wilderness with the freedom to live having learned a huge life lesson.

At the end of the story, Marc encounters kids on the school bus who no longer dare to bully him and transformational, Marc becomes the master of both worlds; then and now.