indie ottawa productions
and behind the scenes

RITES OF SPRING is the story of two young teenage boys,
a male prostitute and a boy from the suburbs who by chance meet,
connect, and as runaway fugitives, fall in love.

Events and circumstances find them as runaway fugitives
struggling to find a new world order in the forested wildness outside the city.
Outside of their ordinary worlds, they search for and find themselves.

This is their story of discovery, passages and renewal.

Written and Directed by
Peter O'Rourke

Director of Photography
Ben Hoskyn

John Ryan


as Marc

as Michael

as Sebastian

as Skater Girl

Below are some great Stills and Behind the Scenes shots from RITES OF SPRING.

A poster shot, Roark Smeathers (left) as Marc and Luke Gabriel as Michael (right)

Marc, a bullied teen, and the suicidal morning that started it all, Ottawa Ontario

Marc waiting for the school bus, Ottawa Ontario

Marc gets on the school bus planning to never return, Ottawa Ontario

Marc on the school bus,Ottawa Ontario

Billy the school bully (Sam Rodrigue, right) stealing lunch money from a student
(Matthew Macinnis-Leonard, left), on the bus Ottawa

Billy takes a shot at Marc, on the bus Ottawa

A boy (Pablo Hanna) ignoring as Billy bullies Marc, on the bus Ottawa

A girl (Olivia Bazambanza) on the bus ignores Billy as he bullies Marc, Ottawa Ontario

Students getting off the bus that day, Ottawa Ontario

Our awesome "students on the bus" extras, Ottawa Ontario

Billy (Sam Rodrigue) about to plunge Marc in the toilet, SAW Video, Arts Court, Ottawa

Aftermath with teen bully (Dakoda Bradley-Lalonde, left) and Billy, SAW Video, Arts Court, Ottawa

Marc, contemplating suicide, runs away, shot Kelly's Funeral Home, Carling Ave Ottawa

Production assistant Levar Owoyemi , Kelly's Funeral Home, Carling Ave Ottawa Ontario

Marc arrives at the funeral home - Kelly's Funeral Home, Carling Ave Ottawa Ontario

Marc at his grandfathers grave to commit suicide - Perth Cemetary, Perth Ontario

Roark takes a mouthfull of pea soup to puke up in the scene - Perth Cemetary Ontario

Setting up at the Perth Cemetary - Perth Ontario

Marc dosen't quite get the suicide thing right and ends up puking it all up, pea soup - Ottawa Ontario

Art Directors Christine Levesque and Frank Mahy building 'Michael's Place' Ottawa Ontario

Michael's Place: Luke Gabiel as Michael with 1st Assistant Director Kathaleen To

Luke and Roark rehearsing, Ottawa Ontario

Thys Armstrong as Sebastian, the villain, brings Marc and Michael together

Ara Kirijian as Skippy, one of Sebastian's young boys, Ottawa Ontario

Christopher Murray as Cowboy, one of Sebastian's boys, Ottawa Ontario

Sebastian getting Marc drunk - shot at the Daily Grind Arts Cafe Ottawa

Marc asleep in a garbage dumpster enclosure, Ottawa Ontario

Sebastian arrives at Michael's door, Ottawa Ontario

Thys Armstrong (right) rehearsing with Luke, Ottawa Ontario

Marc with Michael at Michael's Place and Director of Photographer Ben Hoskyn, Ottawa Ontario

Marc in the mirror at Michael's Place: "If you look in a mirror, you will see a friend ..."

Skater Girl (Dina Elleithy) , our Guardian archetypal character type, is Sebastian's side kick

Marc and Michael hijack a taxi to flee from Sebastian and arrive at Marc's house - Judge Park Ottawa

Roark and Luke getting notes between shots in Marc's bedroom, Ottawa Ontario

Audio director John Ryan taking a break at Marc's House - Ottawa Ontario

Ben shooting a scene as Marc talks with Michael before they fall asleep, Ottawa Ontario

Michael instructs Marc on how to put on makeup, Ottawa Ontario

Michael has dinner at Marc's House - Ottawa Ontario

Dinner break for cast and crew on location at Marc's House - Ottawa Ontario

Production Assistant Troy Wallace (left) with Thys Armstrong - Somerset Square Ottawa

Outside at night, Marc's House, Sebastian up to no good with Billy - Ottawa Ontario

Marc and Michael decide to runaway into the wilderness to escape Sebastian - Pinecrest Creek Ottawa

Director Peter O'Rourke giving Luke some direction before a shot - Calabogie Ontario

Marc and Michael enter a trail, Script supervisor Alex (with the shot list) - Ottawa

Marc and Michael in the wilderness - Mud Lake Ottawa Ontario

Director of Photography Ben Hoskyn - Pinecrest Creek Ottawa Ontario

Marc, afraid of water must cross the river to keep up with Michael - Pinecrest Creek Ottawa

Marc reading to Michael - shot Corkstown Campground, Ottawa Ontario

Lost and thirsty, after a long trek, they finally find water - Eagle's Nest, Calabogie Ontario

1st Assistant Director Kathaleen To - Eagle's Nest, Calabogie

Dina, Roark and Luke, between scenes keeping warm - Eagle's Nest, Calabogie Ontario

Director Peter O'Rourke spraying Roark with Glycerin (sweat) - Mud Lake, Ottawa

Sebastian and Skater Girl track Marc and Michael and find them - Eagle's Nest, Calabogie Ontario

Michael pleads with Sebastian to let Marc go - Eagle's Nest, Calabogie Ontario

Michael confronts Sebastian and sends him over the cliff - Eagle's Nest, Calabogie Ontario

After Sebastian dies, Skater joins the boys - Old Quarry Trail Ottawa

Taking a break, audio crew member Trevor Tyo finds a place to rest - Eagle's Nest, Calabogie Ontario

After a quarrel with Michael, Marc considers suicide ... again - Eagle's Nest, Calabogie Ontario

Marc at the very edge of the cliff - Eagle's Nest, Calabogie Ontario

After an accident, Marc must help Michael out of the woods - Ottawa Ontario

Marc concerned for Michael - Ottawa Ontario

Marc and Michael struggle to escape from the wilderness - Pinhey Sand Dunes, Ottawa

Across the dunes - Pinhey Sand Dunes, Ottawa

Michael - Ottawa Ontario

Resting before the final leg of the journey - Pinhey Sand Dunes, Ottawa

A moment - Pinhey Sand Dunes, Ottawa